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Brandon Cavazos

Chef de Cuisine

Brandon Cavazos was introduced to the restaurant business at a very young age, growing up in his great grandmother’s, and then grandmother’s, family-friendly Mexican restaurant. Cavazos spent countless hours in the restaurant where his entire family worked, and in his grandmother’s backyard where his family gathered on Sunday evenings for  large family dinners overflowing with delicious food and love.

Those early years at his family’s restaurant fueled Brandon’s interest and passion for cooking. After high school Brandon started working in a local Italian restaurant, working his way up from dishwasher to line cook, learning to make pasta by hand and pan sauces to order. At 23, looking for a change of scene, Brandon moved to Austin, Texas, and began honing his techniques, working with a group of former fine-dining chefs operating a food truck and translating fine dining to street food.

After relocating to the Bay Area, Brandon began cooking at Revival, where he first developed an interest in whole animal butchery, before taking his knives to Duende. Brandon was excited by Chef Paul Canales’s dedication to technique and tradition, and his commitment to training, continuing education and helping young cooks develop their skills and perspective. After a number of years at Duende, Brandon left to continue his development, first taking a role as sous chef at a local Italian restaurant, then opening the kitchen at Tank 18 and getting involved in numerous other projects; but when former boss, Canales called asking Brandon if he wanted to participate first in a pop-up, and then again later in developing and launching a new Southern-French restaurant, Brandon was excited to return.